Why Up2 technology

We are a software company working on projects which aim to make a significant impact in the area of transportation, infrastructure, and mobility.

At Up2, we trust our talented and creative people to deliver without constantly watching over their shoulders. In a dynamic industry such as the software development, we are proud to have colleagues that are with us for more than a decade because we take care of everyone in the team, just like one would do for their friends and family.

We are creating a mobile team to help us with the challenges we face in building high-performant, large user base mobile apps for mobility and transportation services.

We will be happy to welcome you to our team if you:

  • Research or know what tooling to use to get from A to B
  • Have 3+ years professional native iOS development experience using Xcode, Swift (or mix with Objective-C) and recent iOS SDKs
  • Get things done from the command line
  • Write useful and flexible tests
  • Care about user interaction, usability and making the interface beautiful
  • Are familiar with consuming RESTful APIs and other web services
  • Have experience in integrating an analytics SDK and crash reporting tools
  • Have developed performant multi-threaded apps
  • Have submitted apps to Apple App Store
  • Write and speak English fluently
  • Communicate your ideas and opinion on UX, technology choices, and project approach

Do NOT worry if you do not know:

  • SOLID and OOP principles by heart
  • Design patterns
  • Agile – SCRUM, Kanban, etc.
  • JIRA, Time reporting tools, CI/CD tools, etc

But it will be great if you are the one who:

  • Have experience in using git; pull requests and code reviews
  • Are enthusiastic to break new frontiers and dedicated and proactive to achieve common goals
  • Know and used frameworks for automating UI testing
  • Shape our new Native team with the best practices you think are essential for best results
  • Likes the challenge of joining a startup team in an established company
  • Will help us creating a great working environment, development, testing, building, bundling, submitting, monitoring and supporting innovative mobile mobility apps that can improve environment and change the way people commute and travel

Are you interested?

Send us an together with your resume.

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1113 Iztok