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Asparuh Krastev

You can’t have paths like /404 or /007 in Drupal?!

In this post I like to inform you about an important defect, I found recently.

In a project, I was working on, I had to make a custom 404 error page. Easy enough. Naturally I came up with /404 path and decided to use hook_menu() for the job. Unfortunately after implementing the hook, I was not able to open the page. Needless to say I cleared the cache multiple times.

It turned out that the bug was in the core of Drupal and the reason was the use of array_merge() and array_multisort() PHP functions. Both functions re-index array keys, which are strictly numerical. In my case 404 became 0.

Here is a link to the issue. Inside there is a patch made by me, which fixes the bug. Use the latest one. Hopefully this patch will be released soon.

Asparuh Krastev

What does it take to be up2 date?

OK, so your new Drupal website was just launched. It went through all the phases of specification, construction and acceptance. It has finally been launched. Now you can sit back, relax, watch the traffic flow and the rankings increase.

Don’t get too comfortable though. With all the effort you dedicated, you probably put one thing in the background. And that is – regular updates. Have you ever wonder what does it take for your website to be up to date?

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